Ufone Postpay Business Prime

Ufone Postpay Business Prime


Business Prime Connect 6 GB

  • Price: 500 + tax
  • Internet: 6 GB

Business Prime Connect 10 GB

  • Price:  750 + tax
  • Internet: 10 GB

On-net Minutes

Business Prime Call 1500

  • Price: 200 + tax
  • On-net Minutes: 1500

Business Prime Call Unlimited

  • Price:  500 + tax
  • On-net Minutes: 10000

Off-net Minutes

Business Prime Talk 250

  • Price: 250 + tax
  • Off-net Minutes: 250

Business Prime Talk 500

  • Price:  500 + tax
  • Off-net Minutes: 500

Ufone Postpay Business Prime: An Overview

Ufone Postpay Business Prime packages have been specifically curated to cater to the distinct requirements of business customers. As the dynamic realm of business demands constant communication, Ufone has addressed this need by introducing an array of packages that offer a blend of data and calling benefits. Let’s discuss what each package has to offer.

Business Prime Connect: Your Key to Digital Connectivity

In the age of digital business, the need for data connectivity is more prominent than ever. Ufone caters to this need with the Business Prime Connect packages.

The Business Prime Connect 6 GB Plan

Offering a whopping 6000 MB data for just Rs. 500 + tax, the Business Prime Connect 6 GB plan is a perfect choice for businesses seeking a moderate amount of data at an affordable price. This package ensures smooth online communications and uninterrupted browsing for business-related tasks.

The Business Prime Connect 10 GB Plan

For businesses with more substantial data requirements, the Business Prime Connect 10 GB plan is a go-to choice. With a provision of 10000 MB data at a minimal cost of Rs. 750 + tax, businesses can experience a smooth digital journey.

Ufone Business Prime Call: Ensuring Seamless On-net Communications

Understanding the value of calls in business communication, Ufone offers exclusive on-net calling packages under Postpay Business Prime.

The Business Prime Call 1500 Plan

Providing 1500 on-net minutes for just Rs. 200 + tax, the Business Prime Call 1500 plan ensures businesses can maintain a robust communication channel within the Ufone network without fretting about the call charges.

The Business Prime Call Unlimited Plan

For businesses that rely heavily on on-net communications, the Business Prime Call Unlimited Plan is a lifesaver. Offering 10000 on-net minutes for just Rs. 500 + tax, businesses can enjoy unlimited communication within the Ufone network.

Ufone Business Prime Talk: Off-net Communications Made Affordable

For a comprehensive communication solution, Ufone has incorporated off-net call packages within the Ufone Postpay Business Prime.

ON-NET 7,500 Minutes: 

With a whopping 7,500 ON-NET minutes, Prime 950 ensures you can stay connected with your loved ones who also use Ufone. Long conversations are now more affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The Business Prime Talk 250 Plan

The Business Prime Talk 250 plan offers 250 off-net minutes for just Rs. 250 + tax, ensuring businesses can extend their reach beyond the Ufone network without worrying about high call rates.

The Business Prime Talk 500 Plan

With a provision of 500 off-net minutes for Rs. 500 + tax, the Business Prime Talk 500 plan is an ideal choice for businesses aiming to expand their off-net communications while staying within a reasonable budget.


The Ufone Postpay Business Prime packages have truly revolutionized business communication with their affordable rates and extensive provisions. With these packages, businesses can stay connected, drive efficient communications, and ultimately, fuel their growth. You Can also check Prime 950.


The Postpay Business Prime packages come with a standard monthly validity.

The prices for all Postpay Business Prime packages are exclusive of tax. Taxes will be applied as per the prevalent regional tax rates.

You can check the remaining resources by dialing *129#.

The Ufone Postpay Business Prime packages are valid within Pakistan only.

You can subscribe to any of the Postpay Business Prime packages by visiting the nearest Ufone Service Center or Franchise or through ufone helpline