Ufone Postpaid Roaming Packages

Ufone Postpaid Roaming Packages

Ufone Postpaid Roaming Packages, Stay Connected Anywhere If you are a Ufone postpaid customer who travels frequently, you might be interested in the various roaming packages that Ufone offers to keep you connected with your loved ones and your work. Ufone has some of the most competitive and affordable roaming rates in the market, as well as some exclusive features that make roaming easier and more convenient. Here are some of the benefits of Ufone Postpaid Roaming Packages: – You can enjoy data roaming in over 200 countries, including popular destinations like UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, Turkey and USA. You can also use WhatsApp Calls without any extra charges.

Benefits of Ufone Postpaid Roaming Packages

You can subscribe to data roaming buckets that suit your needs and budget. For example, you can get 1 GB of data for Rs. 1000 in UAE and Saudi Arabia, or 500 MB for Rs. 500 in UK, Turkey and USA. To subscribe, dial *4499# or visit any Ufone Service Center, Franchise or PTCL joint shop.

You can also gift data roaming buckets to your friends and family who are traveling abroad. Just dial *5061*033xxxxx# and choose the bucket you want to gift.

You can get alerts on your data usage and balance, so you can manage your roaming expenses better. You can also check your usage and balance by dialing *706#.

You can stay in touch even when you are on a flight or a cruise, thanks to Ufone’s inflight and maritime roaming services. You can make and receive calls, send and receive SMS and use data on selected airlines and cruise ships. Ufone Postpaid Roaming Packages are designed to make your travel experience more enjoyable and hassle-free. So, don’t let roaming worries stop you from exploring the world. With Ufone, you can stay connected anywhere.

Here are different Postpay Roaming packages

Gift Data Roaming Bucket

Now, you have the option to surprise your friends and family in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia (KSA) with the gift of a data roaming bucket. Simply dial 5061 followed by the recipient’s number, such as 5061033xxxxx#. This fantastic offer is available to both Prepaid and Postpaid users at a cost of just PKR 410 plus tax. With this special offer, you can present a generous 1000 MB data bundle that remains valid for a full 30 days.

Postpay Roaming Tariff

Check the cheapest postpaid roaming tariff.

Ufone Postpay Data Roaming Bucket

Postpay Turkey Data Roaming Buckets

DetailsBucket 1Bucket 2
PricePKR 699PKR 2,099
Volume1,024 MBs4,096 MBs
Validity30 Days30 Days
Eligible NetworkTelsim / VodafoneTelsim / Vodafone
To subscribe dialDial *506#,Dial *506#

Postpay USA Data Roaming Buckets

DetailsBucket 1Bucket 2
PricePKR 699PKR 2,099
Volume1,024 MBs4,096 MBs
Validity30 Days30 Days
Eligible NetworkT-MobileT-Mobile
To subscribe dialDial *506#Dial *506#

Postpay Hajj Data Roaming Bucket

PricePKR 4000
Volume7,000 MBs
Validity40 Days
Eligible NetworkMobily Saudi Arabia , STC Saudi Arabia & Zain Saudi Arabia
To subscribe dialDial *506#

Postpay KSA/UAE Data Roaming Buckets

Bucket 1Bucket 2
PricePKR 699PKR 2,099
Volume1,024 MBs4,096 MBs
Validity30 Days30 Days
Eligible NetworkEtisalat UAE, Du UAE , Mobily Saudi Arabia , STC Saudi Arabia & Zain Saudi ArabiaEtisalat UAE, Du UAE , Mobily Saudi Arabia , STC Saudi Arabia & Zain Saudi Arabia
To subscribe dialDial *506#Dial *506#

Postpay UK Data Roaming Buckets

DetailsBucket 1Bucket 2
PricePKR 699PKR 2,099
Volume1,024 MBs4,096 MBs
Validity30 Days30 Days
Eligible NetworkVodafone/Everything Everywhere/ O2 (Telefonica)Vodafone/Everything Everywhere/ O2 (Telefonica)
To subscribe dialDial *506#Dial *506#

Ufone Postpay Internet Roaming Usage Alert

  • Clarity and Transparency: We prioritize providing clear and transparent information.
  • Free of Cost Service: This service is entirely free, with no charges or fees.
  • Full Awareness of Internet Usage: It enables you to have a comprehensive understanding of your internet usage.
  • Updates Every 4 Hours: The service updates your information every 4 hours, ensuring you stay up-to-date with your usage data.

Ufone Postpay Inflight Roaming

  • Stay Connected at 35,000 Feet: You can maintain communication even when you’re soaring at 35,000 feet above ground.
  • Voice, SMS, and GPRS Services Onboard: This service offers voice calling, SMS, and GPRS data services while you’re on board the aircraft.
  • Aeromobile: This service is provided by Aeromobile.
  • Currently Available on 30 Emirates Aircraft: At present, this service is operational on 30 Emirates aircraft, which include Boeing 777, A340, and A380.
  • Emirates Routes: Emirates flights cover routes from the Middle East to Europe, the Middle East to Australia, and across Asia, including flights to Pakistan.

Including Airlines:


  • Around 40 Boeing 737 Aircraft in Operation: Currently, there are approximately 40 Boeing 737 aircraft deployed and in operation.
  • Serving Routes from European and North African Cities: These aircraft are primarily used to serve routes connecting various European and North African cities.

Wataniya Airways

  • Three Airbus A320 Aircraft in Service: Presently, there are three Airbus A320 aircraft deployed and actively serving.
  • Operating Routes: These aircraft are engaged in operating routes to and from Kuwait City, as well as connecting cities like Dubai, Amman, Damascus, Sharm El Sheikh, Cairo, Beirut, and Bahrain.

Royal Jordanian Airlines

  • Two Airbus A319 Aircraft in Operation: There are currently two Airbus A319 aircraft actively in operation.
  • Operating Routes: These aircraft are utilized for operating routes between Jordan and connecting to and from various destinations in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and India.

British Airways

  • Two Airbus A318 Aircraft in Service: Currently, there are two Airbus A318 aircraft deployed and in service.
  • Operating a Business Class-Only Route: These aircraft are exclusively used for operating a business-class-only route between London City Airport and New York JFK.

Qatar Airways

  • Two Airbus A320 Aircraft in Operation: At present, there are two Airbus A320 aircraft actively deployed.
  • Operating Routes: These aircraft are engaged in operating routes between Qatar and to and from various destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and Pakistan.

TAP (of Portugal)

  • Commercial Trial with One Airbus A319 Aircraft: There is currently a commercial trial involving one Airbus A319 aircraft.
  • Operating Routes: This aircraft is used for routes to and from Europe, including destinations like Cape Verde and the Azores.

Ufone Postpay Maritime Roaming

Here is a list of liners/cruises and their corresponding routes/destinations where you can delight in this service:

Acciona Trasmediterranea
JuanJ SisterMalaga(ES) – Melilla (ES)– Almeria (ES)
CelebrationCruise Lines
Bahamas CelebrationNassau, Bahamas and Fort Lauderdale
Aida Cruises
Aida BluEurope
ColornFantasyOslo (NO) – Kiel (DE)
Color MagicOslo (NO) – Kiel (DE)
Superspeed IKristiansand (NO) – Hirtshals (DK)
Superspeed IILarvik (NO) – Hirtshals (DK)
Cunard Line
Queen VictoriaAtlantic crossing, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Panama North/South Pacific,Asia
Queen Mary 2Atlantic crossing, Europe, Caribbean
Crown of ScandinaviaOslo (NO) – Helsingborg(SE) – Copenhagen (DK)
Dana SirenaEsbjerg (DK) – Harwich (GB)
King of ScandinaviaAmsterdam,Ijmuiden(NL) – Newcastle (GB)
Pearl of ScandinaviaOslo (NO) – Helsingborg(SE) – Copenhagen (DK)
Princess of NorwayAmsterdam,Ijmuiden (NL) – Newcastle (GB)
Lisco GloriaKlaipéda (LT) – Kiel (DE)
Lisco OptimaKlaipéda (LT) – Kiel (DE)
Lisco KaunasKlaipéda (LT) – Karlshamn (SE)
Lisco PatriaKlaipéda (LT) – Karlshamn (SE)
BergensfjordBergen/Haugesund/Egersund(NO) – Hanstholm (DK)
Fjordline ExpressKristiansand (NO) – Hirtshals (DK)
Fred.OlsenCruise Lines
BalmoralEurope,Caribbean, CentralAmérica
BlackPrinceBaltic,Scandinavia, Caribbean,Mediterranean, Worldcruises
BlackWatchMediterraneanSea, Europe, Africa,Arabia,
BoudiccaAmerica,Baltic Sea, CanaryIslands
BraemarWorldwide cruises
FramCruisesAntartica and Greenland
NordnorgeHotelship (Europa)
La Compagnie Tunisiene De Navigation “CTN”
CarthageGenova, Marsella, Tunis
Isleof InishmoreRosslare(IE) – Pembroke (GB)
OscarWildeRosslare(IR)– Roscoff & Cherbourg(FR)
UlyssesDublin(IE) – Holyhead (GB)
MaerskDelftDover(GB) – Dunkerque (FR)
MaerskDoverDover(GB) – Dunkerque (FR)
MaerskDunkerqueDover(GB) – Dunkerque (FR)
OceanVillageMediterraneanSea, Caribbean Sea
OceanVillage 2MediterraneanSea, Caribbean Sea
P&OCruises Australia
PacificSunAustralia,South Pacific
PacificDawnAustralia,South Pacific
ArcadiaEuropeand Caribbean
ArtemisMediterranean,Caribbean, Norway,Baltic, World Cruise
AuroraEuropeand Caribbean
OceanaEuropeand Caribbean
OrianaEuropeand Caribbean
VenturaEuropeand Caribbean
AzuraEurope and Caribbean
PomeraniaCopenhagen(DK) – Swinoujscie(PL)
ScandinaviaGdansk(PL) – Nynäshamn (SE)
WawelSwinoujscie(PL) – Ystad (SE)
DiamondPrincessHawaii,Alaska, Asia, Australia
GrandPrincessCaribbean,Mediterranean,UK, Norway
IslandPrincessCaribbean,Alaska, Mexico, Panama,US West Coast
DawnPrincessWestcoast US, Alaska,Hawaii, South Pacific,Asia
SapphirePrincessCruises:Pacific, US east coast,New England, Caribbean
SeaPrincessCaribbean,Europe, Mediterranean,New England
RoyalPrincessCaribbean,New England, Europe,Asia, South Pacific
CoralPrincessCaribbean,Alaska, Mexico, Panama,US West Coast
EmeraldPrincessCaribbean– Mediterranean
Ocean PrincessWorldwide
StarPrincessAlaska,USA west coast, Mexico,South America, Antartic
CaribbeanPrincessCaribbean,US East Coast, NewEngland
NorronaDenmark– Faroe Island – Iceland
SkåneTrelleborg(SE) – Rostock (DE)
StenaAdventurerHolyhead(GB) – Dublin (IE)
StenaBalticaKarlskrona(SE) – Gdynia (PL)
StenaBritannicaHarwich(GB) – Hoek van Holland(NL)
StenaCarismaGothenburg(SE) – Frederikshavn(DK)
StenaDanicaGothenburg(SE) – Frederikshavn(DK)
StenaEuropeFishguard(GB) – Rosslare (IE)
StenaExplorerHolyhead(GB) – Dun Laoghaire(IE)
StenaGermanicaGothenburg(SE) – Kiel (DE)
StenaHollandicaHarwich(GB) – Hoek van Holland(NL)
StenaJutlandicaGothenburg(SE) – Frederikshavn(DK)
StenaNordicaHolyhead(GB) – Dublin (IE)
StenaSagaFrederikshavn(DK) – Oslo (NO)
StenaScandinavicaGothenburg(SE) – Kiel (DE)
TrelleborgTrelleborg(SE) – Sassnitz (DE)
Stena Lynx IIIHolyhead (UK) – Dublin/Dun Laoghaire, Ireland
PartenopeNapoli(IT) – Catania (IT)
TrinacriaNapoli(IT) – Catania (IT)