Ufone Postpaid Internet Packages

Ufone Postpaid Internet Packages

PrimePlay 825

13 GB

Price: 825

Dial: *989#

PrimePlay 550

8 GB

Price: 550

Dial: *656#

PrimePlay 275

4 GB

Price: 275

Dial: *434#

PrimePlay 120

13 GB

Price: 120

Dial: *323#

Introduction to Ufone Postpaid Internet Packages

In the ever-evolving age of digital technology, staying connected is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. With the growing demand for high-speed internet, Ufone postpaid internet packages have become the go-to solution for many Pakistanis. So, what’s the fuss about? Hang tight, as we unravel the offerings and value proposition of Ufone’s internet packages.

Understanding the Ufone PrimePlay Series

Ufone’s PrimePlay series is specially curated for users who demand more from their internet. These packages are designed to cater to different needs and budgets. Let’s dive into each of them.

PrimePlay 825: The Powerhouse

Offering a whopping 13 GB of internet for just PKR. 825, this package ensures you’re always connected. Whether you’re streaming, gaming, or attending virtual meetings, this package won’t let you down. Activate by simply dialing *989#.

PrimePlay 550: Balanced and Robust

Perfect for the average user, PrimePlay 550 gives you 8 GB of internet for PKR. 550. It strikes the right balance between affordability and functionality. Activate it with a quick dial to *656#.

PrimePlay 275: Light but Effective

Don’t need much data but still want to stay online? The PrimePlay 275 offers 4 GB for just PKR. 275. It’s a smart choice for users who primarily use internet for emails, chatting, and light browsing. To activate, dial *434#.

PrimePlay 120: The Starter Pack

For those who are always near Wi-Fi zones or don’t use much data, the PrimePlay 120 is ideal. At PKR. 120, you get 1.5 GB—perfect for occasional use. Activate by dialing *323#.

Prime 950 Pricing:

The best part about the Prime 950 package is its cost-effectiveness. At a price of PKR. 950 per month, inclusive of tax, you get a complete bundle of communication resources.


In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is essential. Ufone postpaid internet packages provide a range of options to ensure that everyone, regardless of their budget or usage patterns, can enjoy high-speed internet. From the powerhouse PrimePlay 825 to the starter pack PrimePlay 120, there’s a package tailor-made for you. With Ufone, you’re not just getting an internet package; you’re investing in seamless connectivity, quality service, and a hassle-free digital experience. You Can also check Postapaid Calls and SMS Buckets.


Dial *989# to activate PrimePlay 825.

PrimePlay 275 offers 4 GB of internet data.

Yes, the PrimePlay 120 is ideal for occasional users, offering 1.5 GB.

Ufone prides itself on transparency. All charges are mentioned upfront.

Yes, you can change your package, but it’s always good to check with Ufone’s customer service for specifics.