Ufone Postapaid Calls and SMS Buckets

Ufone Postapaid Calls and SMS Buckets

SMS Bucket

Unlimited SMS Bucket

  • Price: 150
  • SMS: 10,000
  • Subscription: SMS ‘SUB’ to 610

PrimeCall (On Net)

PrimeCall 1500

  • Price: 225
  • On-net Minutes: 1500
  • Subscription: *2525#

PrimeCall Unlimited

  • Price:  525
  • On-net Minutes: Unlimited
  • Subscription: *2500#

PrimeTalk (Off Net)

PrimeTalk 250

  • Price: 275
  • Off-net Minutes: 250
  • Subscription: *4848#

PrimeTalk 500

  • Price:  525
  • Off-net Minutes: 500
  • Subscription: *5656#

Ufone Postapaid Calls and SMS Buckets: An Overview

Staying connected with loved ones is an essential part of our lives. The technological advancements have introduced us to various communication modes. One such crucial and convenient mode is mobile communication. And when it comes to mobile communication, Ufone Postapaid Calls and SMS Buckets stand out. Let’s delve into the exciting world of Ufone Postapaid packages to explore how you can enhance your experience.

Postapaid Calls & SMS Buckets: Enhance Your Experience

SMS Bucket : Unlimited SMS Bucket

Want to stay connected with text messages? Ufone’s Unlimited SMS Bucket offers a solution that’s both affordable and convenient.

Price: Rs. 150
SMS: 10,000
Subscription String: SMS ‘SUB’ to 610

This package allows you to send up to 10,000 text messages to your friends and family. It’s perfect for those who love to stay in touch through texting. Subscribing to this bucket is as easy as sending ‘SUB’ to 610.

PrimeCall (On Net) : PrimeCall 1500

For those who prefer voice calls to Ufone numbers, the PrimeCall 1500 is a perfect choice.

Price: Rs. 225
On Net: 1500
Subscription String: *2525#

With 1500 minutes available for on-net calls, this package offers excellent value. Dial *2525# to subscribe and enjoy seamless communication with your loved ones.

PrimeCall Unlimited

If you’re a chatterbox and love talking to your Ufone contacts, then PrimeCall Unlimited is for you.

Price: Rs. 525
On Net: Unlimited
Subscription String: *2500#

An unlimited calling experience at an affordable price is what sets this bucket apart. Simply dial *2500# to subscribe and enjoy endless conversations.

PrimeTalk (Off Net): PrimeTalk 250

For those looking to call other networks, PrimeTalk 250 offers a balanced package.

Price: Rs. 275
Off Net: 250
Subscription String: *4848#

With 250 minutes for off-net calls, it ensures that you stay connected across networks. Dial *4848# and get started.

PrimeTalk 500

Need more minutes for off-net calls? PrimeTalk 500 has got you covered.

Price: Rs. 525
Off Net: 500
Subscription String: *5656#

This package offers 500 minutes for calls to other networks. Subscribe by dialing *5656# and stay connected.

Benefits of Choosing Ufone Postapaid Calls & SMS Buckets

With various options to choose from, Ufone Postapaid Calls and SMS Buckets ensure that there’s something for everyone. Here’s why you might consider opting for these packages:

Affordability: With competitive pricing, these packages offer great value for money.
Convenience: Simple subscription methods make it easy to choose the right package for you.
Versatility: Whether you prefer texting or calling, on-net or off-net, there’s a package that fits your needs.
Quality: Ufone’s reputation ensures that you get top-notch service.


With Ufone Postapaid Calls and SMS Buckets, enhancing your mobile experience has never been easier. Whether you’re an avid texter or love to chat on calls, Ufone ensures you stay connected without breaking the bank. So why wait? Dive into the world of seamless communication with Ufone. You Can also check Postpay Business Prime.


The Postapaid Calls & SMS Buckets come with a standard monthly validity.

The prices for all Postpay Business Prime packages are exclusive of tax. Taxes will be applied as per the prevalent regional tax rates.

You can check the remaining resources by dialing *129#.

The Postapaid Calls & SMS Buckets are valid within Pakistan only.