Ufone International Packages

Ufone International Packages

When it comes to maintaining a reliable and budget-friendly connection with your loved ones overseas, Ufone International Packages are your go-to solution. Ufone stands tall as one of Pakistan’s leading telecommunication providers, extending a wide array of services tailored for both prepaid and postpaid customers. Whether your communication needs revolve around making calls, sending text messages, or staying connected with data while traveling, Ufone has the perfect package for you.

Exploring Ufone International Packages

Ufone International Call Packages

Ufone presents an enticing range of international call packages, each designed to cater to different destinations and durations. Based on your specific requirements and budget, you can opt for daily, weekly, or monthly packages. Below are some of the standout options:

UAE Offer: Activate this deal with *22441# and for just Rs. 7 + tax, enjoy 4 minutes of call time, valid until midnight. This offer exclusively applies to calls made to the UAE.

China Offer: By dialing *22442#, you can unlock 10 minutes of calling to China for a mere Rs. 12 + tax, valid until midnight.

Saudi Arabia Offer: If you’re looking for a week-long package for calling Saudi Arabia, activating it with *22443# will provide you with 60 minutes of talk time for Rs. 59.75 + tax. To check your remaining international call package minutes, dial *706#.

Ufone International SMS Packages

For those who prefer texting as their primary mode of communication, Ufone offers international SMS packages. These allow you to send SMS messages to any network worldwide at attractive rates. You can check your remaining SMS by dialing *706#.

Ufone International Data Roaming

For travelers, Ufone offers an exceptional international data roaming service at unbeatable prices. This service is available to prepaid and postpaid customers with over 200 countries and territories. You can choose from different data bundles based on your destination and anticipated usage. Some of the notable options include:

Prepaid Data Roaming Bundles: Ufone offers three distinct prepaid data roaming bundles for select destinations like UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Turkey, Egypt, China, and more. Details for these bundles can be found on the Ufone website or by dialing *706# to check your remaining data balance.

Postpaid Data Roaming Bundles: Similar to prepaid customers, postpaid subscribers can also select from two data roaming bundles tailored for specific destinations. To monitor your remaining data balance, dial *706#.

Ufone International Direct Dialing

For those who need to make international calls without subscribing to a package or bundle, Ufone’s international direct dialing service offers competitive rates. Simply dial the country code, area code, and number to connect with any network worldwide. Detailed call rates for various countries can be found on the Ufone website or by dialing *226#.

Ufone International Recharge

Ufone ensures that you can conveniently recharge your prepaid account while residing or traveling abroad. With a presence in more than 150 countries and territories, you can top up your balance at designated outlets, ATMs, kiosks, web portals, or directly from your handset. Choose from a variety of denominations ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 5,000. Moreover, the international recharge service enables you to send balance to your friends or family in Pakistan from abroad.


Ufone International Packages cater to the diverse needs and preferences of Ufone customers seeking seamless connections with their loved ones across the globe. These packages encompass an assortment of options for international calls, SMS, data roaming, direct dialing, and recharge, all offered at affordable rates and easily accessible. So why wait? Grab your Ufone SIM today and relish the finest international services from Ufone. Stay connected, stay global!