Mobily Prepaid 75

Mobily Prepaid 75
  • Price: 75 SAR
  • Internet: 5+5 GB
  • Social Media: 5+5 GB
  • All Net Minutes: 500
  • Subscription code:  Send 75 to 1100
  • Status : Send 4 To 1411
  • Validity: 4 weeks

Mobily Prepaid 75 is your ticket to an uninterrupted, fully connected mobile experience. Whether for personal use or work, it provides the freedom and flexibility to stay connected in the way that suits you best. Let’s explore how this plan keeps you connected without compromise.

Mobily Prepaid 75 Package Overview

With Prepaid 75, say goodbye to the hassle of monitoring minutes or concerns about data limitations. Enjoy 500 minutes for calls to any network, perfect for those who love long conversations or need to make numerous calls for work or pleasure. But that’s not all. You also get a whopping 5+5 GB of data, ensuring that whether you’re streaming, browsing, or downloading, you have ample data to do it all. Check also Prepaid 30 Plan.

Double the Fun on Social Media
Social media enthusiasts, rejoice! This package comes with an additional 5+5 GB exclusively for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter X, and WhatsApp. Share your stories, keep up with friends, or stream your favorite content without a second thought about data consumption.

Affordability Meets Convenience: Priced at 75 SAR
Priced attractively at 75 SAR (with VAT applied upon recharge), this package is the ideal mix of affordability and functionality. Its one-month (4 weeks) validity period caters to both those who need a long-term solution and those who prefer a no-strings-attached approach to mobile data.

How to Subscribe to Prepaid 75 Package

Getting started with Prepaid 75 is a piece of cake. Just type 75 in a message and send it to 1100. Within moments, you’re ready to enjoy a world of limitless connectivity.

How to Unsubscribe from Prepaid 75 Package

If you ever find the need to alter your plan, unsubscribing is just as simple. Send 075 to 1100, and you’re all set to switch to a plan that is better for you.

How to Check the Remaining Resources

To check your remaining minutes and data, send the 4 to 1411. Stay informed and manage your resources effectively.


Mobily Prepaid 75 is more than just a mobile plan; it’s a lifeline for the connected individual. It’s an ideal choice for those who need ample data and calling minutes without the hassle of frequent top-ups. With its easy subscription, generous data allocation, and flexible terms, it stands out as a top tier choice for mobile users.